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At Infosolv we can offer you the following:

AND! If it is not in the list we will help you find the people who can do it for you.


In ICT terms Systems Integration simply means the bundling together of different products and services to meet the requirements of a client. We will visit your office to listen to what you want and then offer the Solution best suited for you. · Any part of your operation you need to automate be it your Accounting, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Inventory, Human Resource, Cash Register, Payment Systems. · Does your company want to enter the e-commerce or does it simply want to advertise in the Internet OR if you are already in the internet but want to increase the number of people who will view your Internet Web site we have Solutions for you. · Do you need a security system installed? Just simple alarms or with cameras that you can watch at your laptop even when your away from the office.

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If you simply need to purchase a Product and we will be happy to deliver. · Need to purchase a computer or a fleet of computers, or just part of it like the modem or a UPS. · Do you need a PABX, leased line or Internet Access for your home or office? · Do you need all you computers to communicate be it they are located in the same building or anywhere around the globe.

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In case you just need our expertise but do not need to purchase the products or solution right away. · Need advice on how to implement a client-server environment? · Are you considering protecting your system in case of a flood, earthquake, fire or something similar to the 9/11 attack?

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If you need to outsource any of your technical function because hiring and training new personnel is more expensive. Or if you just want your computer to be repaired. · You have computers but do not have the technical people to support you because the budget cannot justify it?

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